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Legal Services

Law firms are going through changes that are redefining their landscape. At the forefront of this is:

  • The opening up of the legal industry so people without a legal background can deliver services (LSA 2007)
  • Technological changes creating opportunities for new entrants to deliver streamlined legal services online
  • Clients’ increasing demands for transparency and in some cases taking services in-house as a cost control measure
  • Ongoing pressures to control costs and deliver more with less

With BusinessOptix law firms can enhance their business agility through:

  • Capturing today’s processes and using them to model streamlined processes incl. simulating and comparing the before and after
  • Constructing and implement frameworks for the delivery of high value client work such as mergers and acquisitions, complex contracts and agreements
  • Continuously optimise core high-value and transactional processes
  • Collaborating on documents and processes with employees, clients and regulators
  • Creating, implementing and managing legal knowledge portals for employees and or clients

BusinessOptix can also help law firms understand and define optimal models for managing the firm. From simple HR onboarding policies and procedures to defining the operating and business model.


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