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As with many industries, media has seen some dramatic changes over the past 10-15 years. In particular, the internet has both disrupted and presented unprecedented opportunities for media organisations. Key changes include:

  • Consumers taking more control over what, how and when they consume and interact with content
  • New international opportunities, driven by the internet’s ubiquity
  • The emergence of numerous digital platforms to deliver and consume content, and in turn new channels to advertise and personalise

While media organisations continue to transition to this new world, BusinessOptix is able to support you by:

  • Gathering user content requirements and using this to map the optimal user experience and flow of content
  • Mapping business models and processes for maximising local and international opportunities
  •  Capturing, reviewing and continuously refining operating processes and practices to ensure the business is able to evolve to meet user’s needs
  • Making it possible to share, reuse and maximise the value of all new models, processes and content across the organisation


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