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Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) need to be able to deliver quantifiable value to justify client investments. Once onboard, they also run a continuous gauntlet to meet client expectations to reduce costs or increase performance year-on-year.

BusinessOptix helps BPOs deliver real value faster by helping to:

  • Capture information about the business in order to identify high value opportunities for change
  • Demonstrate how the business process needs to change and the value changes will deliver
  • Simulate different ‘to-be’ options to provide illustrative choices to clients
  • Collaborate with clients, ensuring visibility and timely decision making
  • Create models and methods that can evolve and be reused
  • Share your outputs in a portal for review and once complete for training

BusinessOptix can also help BPOs before they engage customers, through the ability to use the platform to design the processes and tools that will be used to bid for and deliver client projects.


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