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In an industry that is reshaping itself to combine voice, data, internet and content delivery, the incumbents (and any new players) face challenges to comply with regulation, stay competitive and drive cost efficiencies. For example service providers need to:

  • Expect sustained pressure on their charging models, alongside higher service level expectations
  • Continue to control costs through driving operational efficiencies across the organisation and relationships with partners and suppliers
  • Innovate and drive profitability through the provision of new premium services
  • Review opportunities to use big data to identify and serve customer needs; extend services in the machine to machine connectivity space and create services to support the internet of things 

By understanding and designing their processes and operating models with BusinessOptix, telecoms companies are able to:

  • Create an end-to-end view of processes across fulfillment, operations and support readiness and use this to identify opportunities for optimisations
  • Deliver new processes for innovation and new product development
  • Create and roll out new services to employees and customers incl. training portals


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