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BusinessOptix has a range of tools and capabilities to help you discover, define and delivering your initiative.

BusinessOptix includes:


Map, model, capture and document requirements, processes, diagrams, models, org charts, methods, transition plans and best practices using the intuitive authoring tool.

Master Data

Upload or create a central store of data for use across your initiatives. For example, uploaded job roles and systems, associate them to multiple projects and when the person or system changes see that change replicated across all initiatives.

Template Designer

Create templates, methods and tools that can be shared and reused by you and your team. For example create a framework for core business operations including project management, compliance and regulations and operations.

Scenario Tool

Create as-is and to-be states of current and future processes and diagrams. Also compare the old and new against financial models and time-based metrics.

Sharing / Collaboration

Publish your requirements, processes, operating models and notes in a central store where colleagues, clients and partners can access them for review, to edit, contribute and reuse – wherever they are.


Create and publish content and knowledge including processes, policies, procedures, how-to guides, handbooks, manuals, quizzes, surveys and training materials in a portal for employees and partners to access and use.


Track, monitor and continuously improve your initiatives with operational intelligence direct from your models, processes and workflows.

Import Files

Import existing processes, diagrams, models and data in formats such as Visio, PDF PowerPoint, Word, Excel and a range of 3rd party workflow / BPM formats.

Export File Formats

Export your files in Visio, PDFs and PowerPoint file formats.

Cloud Storage

Store and share a cloud-based library of everything you create in BusinessOptix.

Stencil Designer

Create your own process and model design stencils based on industry standards, for example ITIL, eTOM, TOGAF and ISO/BSI.


Use open-standards to integrate BusinessOptix tools and applications with your core applications to support data capture, sharing and training.

Whichever tools you are using today, BusinessOptix’s intuitive platform can help increase your productivity.


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