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About BusinessOptix

Founded in 2010, BusinessOptix has grown to thousands of users across multiple industries.

BusinessOptix is a cloud-based platform that enables organisations to run their core operations, grow the scale of their business and make transformational changes.

Today, BusinessOptix is being used to redefine business models, reshape business practices, eliminate superfluous operations and costs, understand and capture best practices, speed up decision making, deliver greater integration and smoother operations across functions, streamline go-to-market processes and activities and improve return on capital employed.

Across governance, risk and compliance, operating models, change and transformation, KYC, enterprise software delivery, project management, ITIL and HR, BusinessOptix is successfully delivering value to businesses.

BusinessOptix customers reside in a number of horizontal and verticals industries, including financial Services, retail, media, telecoms, pharmaceutical, government, consultancies, legal services and business process outsourcing.