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(NEW) Creating a Digital Twin of your Organization’s Business Operations

Digital twins offer organizations the opportunity to control today's business operations whilst also navigating tomorrow’s challenges.

This whitepaper combines the digital twin of an organization (DTO) concept with the business operating system (BOS) framework to provide an enabler for organizations to start small and build out to the bigger picture.

At the heart of this is helping organizations identify their starting position followed by an approach to modeling, comparing and testing multiple scenarios, before moving delivery and followed by continuous improvements.


Successfully Transforming & Improving Business Operations

Whether driven by a disruptive threat or an opportunity to improve, organizations have to continuously evolve to survive and prosper.

Based on experiences with clients who have been in both camps, this white paper presents an approach (aligned to Gartner’s Business Operating System (1)) for successfully navigating through business operation transformation and improvement initiatives.


Transformation Maps (T-Maps) 

T-maps provide a clear plan of action, a shared understanding, stakeholder engagement, open communication and a simple way to track the multiple (and often complicated) components of your strategic plan. 

This guide includes an explanation of what a T-map is, details of how to use a T-map in your organisation and an example T-map and best practices for its implementation.


Business Change & Transformation: from strategy to execution

Business change and transformation are significant themes in organizations across the world.

Focusing on the current disruptive business environment, this white paper looks at business change and transformation from strategy to execution. Starting today and looking forward, it presents approaches (incl. transformation maps, operating models, value streams, customer journey maps and transformation dashboards) to help businesses transition to a mode of working that harnesses the disruptive forces.


Enabling your business to run, grow and transform

Change is a constant for every business, but how do you ensure that you are doing the right things to support run, grow and transform initiatives?

This paper outlines the challenges then moves onto an approach, supported by worked examples (including operating models, new product development frameworks and KYC processes) and case studies, of how to tackle them and ensure success across strategic and tactical initiatives.



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(1) Based on Gartner Report: “How a Business Operating System Can Guide CIOs to Digital Business Success” by Marc Kerremans and Bruce Robertson, 5th October, 2016