Scenario Modeling and Simulation

Scenario Modeling helps improve your ability to move quickly and reduce risk by creating, testing and learning about potential changes before they are rolled out to your customers and employees.

Use BusinessOptix scenario modeling and simulation tools to identify and compare opportunities to improve and optimise your current processes.

Identify and compare opportunities to improve and optimise your current processes.

scenario modeling

Model and Simulate

Predicting how a change or series of changes will impact your organization is a difficult task. We provide you with the tools to explore and test how different processes would operate if implemented, providing insight to help guide decision making.

To get started, take the processes that were mined and mapped and use our platform to:

  • Model future options and ideas – such as creating a standardized process which has several versions in the organizations, taking steps out of a process or increasing resources to complete specific activities
  • Run simulations – to compare options and evaluate what will have the most positive impact
  • Implement the preferred option – including documentation and guided work instructions to ensure the organization executes on the plan

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Continuous Improvement

Once the new process is released into production, our platform allows you to compare the actual results with those that were predicted during the simulation. Using tools like process mining to continue to incrementally improve your processes.

Scenario Planning

“As a result, BusinessOptix is part of our long-term strategy to deliver practical transformation solutions based on our digital capabilities, domain expertise, and process excellence practices.”
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End-to-End Process Discovery, Design & Delivery

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