Business Transformation Platform

Manage Strategic Transformation

True transformation only occurs when you can successfully design, implement and communicate change from the strategy to the execution level. Often organizations spend a significant amount of time managing the process of change out of several different assets, rather than implementing change itself, wasting valuable time and resources. 

BusinessOptix provides one centralized platform that organizations can use to design and manage transformations across the enterprise. Whether it be changes to the business operating model, updates to the customer journey or even enterprise software implementations, the BusinessOptix platform is an efficient, effective catalyst to achieving the outcomes you want to obtain.

Visualize your Operating Model

So you can see what really happens in your organization


As an existing organization you do not have the luxury of throwing away existing processes, organization structures or information systems. Your business transformation journey is likely to start with fully understanding your current (‘as is’) state before moving to your future (‘to be’) state.

Achieving the desired ‘to be’ state requires knowing and understanding how the target operating model will impact functions such as customer service, finance, legal and IT, as well as what will needs to change in order to achieve the desired outcome.

The BusinessOptix platform enables you to more easily model the ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ operating organization, allowing you to clearly document and communicate the impact of change on your processes, organization structures and information systems.

Transform Customer Journeys

To deliver the best customer experience


Digitally transforming customer journeys is more than web self-service. To transform, you need to pull together all the ways that you, your partners and suppliers deliver products and services that your customers value.

The BusinessOptix platform allows you to design a customer journey that relates to new and existing touch-points. You can then review, audit and optimize your customer journey and supporting operational processes.

Deliver and Manage Change

That meets the needs of all stakeholders

tmapborderIn order to deliver a transformation you need to plan, track and communicate changes and their consequences across different levels and functions in the organization.

The BusinessOptix platform provides:

  • Transformation maps provide senior stakeholders with high-level information so they can keep track of progress against the business vision and goals
  • Dashboards and Kanban boards provide teams delivering the change with information to track and monitor progress of user stories, issues ad all the other tasks that must be completed
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