Business Transformation Platform

Model, Document & Collaborate


People, process and technology are the critical DNA of every business. Organizations must have a good understanding of how all three come together to successfully deliver the outcomes customers’ desire and results the business demands.

The BusinessOptix platform helps organizations capture an ‘x-ray’ of the current operating model – either from scratch or through importing current third party documentation tools - and collaborate to improve business processes. Combine that with the ability to create documentation on the new processes as well as work instructions, the platform is the core of making change happen in any organization.

Capture and Transform Processes

To kick-start creating your future operating processes


A core components of BusinessOptix platform is a visual editor that empowers you to document all your processes.

More than just a drawing, the models created in BusinessOptix link together to create a well-documented baseline of the:

  • People who are responsible and accountable for the activities;
  • Data and systems they need to access in order to make business decisions, and
  • Unit costs associated with both people and systems

Whether completely transforming your operations or making small process refinements, the same visual editor will allow you to capture your changes. Process owners and subject matter experts can then easily access the changes and provide their input in a shared and globally available workspace.

Data Import and Acquisition

To create a single view of your operations


You are likely to have documentation and data in a multitude of systems and formats. We recognise this and want to get you started on your transformation as quickly as possible.

The BusinessOptix platform can import different types and formats of documentation, including Microsoft Office products.

Provide Support Documentation

For all frontline employees and partners


Outputs from many transformation initiatives include documentation to support those on the frontline.

At a functional level, the BusinessOptix platform allows you to easily convert your process designs into change communications, role-based work instructions and operations guides for your customer services and operations teams.

For multi-national workforces, all of these can be translated into as many languages as required within the same document, allowing you to enforce consistency across geographies.



To deliver improvements that cross people, process and technology requires different aspects of the business to provide input into the ideal process. 

BusinessOptix has a range of collaboration capabilities that allow people to comment on the process map itself or documentation, as examples, to ensure key stakeholders can collaborate in ways that suit their needs.

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