Business Transformation Platform

Utilize Data to Drive Decisions

Igniting change in an organization often requires a business case and data driven decisions in order to obtain buy in. Without this critical information, it is often hard to get budget and approval for transformations. 

BusinessOptix offers several features to help organizations not only plan, but build the business case and confidence for the transformation journey.  With the ability to track key metrics related to the processes and leverage Monte Carlo scenario modeling, informed decisions can be made on how to improve the business going forward.

Building the Business Case for Change

To support great decision making


Whilst data on your business operations comes in many forms, the BusinessOptix platform focuses on the data required to support your business transformation.

In its simplest, but still powerful, form this is about creating the business case for process change. By taking your baseline metrics and costs, and combining them with the costs of change the BusinessOptix platform will project the costs of your future business process and payback period.

For more complex transformations e.g. when combining process and changes to staffing levels or shift/working patterns, the BusinessOptix platform provides a scenario modelling capability using Monte Carlo simulation to help you understand whether the changes proposed are likely to create the desired outcome.

Customise Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting

So you can understand how your organization is operating


Whilst the BusinessOptix platform includes many commonly used dashboards and reports, we also know that you’re going to have requirements specific to your organization.

To support you and your stakeholders, you can access all your data and use it to create custom analytics, service level agreements and key performance indicators, as well as custom reports and dashboards.

The BusinessOptix platform also has an open API allowing the data we manage to be accessed from other applications.

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