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Download our new guide to using Transformational Maps (T-Maps) in your business!

With this you will be able to create and implement a strategic plan that will help drive your business transformation.


T-maps provide a clear plan of action, a shared understanding, stakeholder engagement, open communication and a simple way to track the multiple (and often complicated) components of your strategic plan.
This guide includes:

  • An explanation of what a T-map is
  • Details of how to use a T-map in your organisation
  • An example T-map and the best practices for its implementation.

Having all the right ideas about where you want to go is only the first step in successful strategic business transformation. You also need to know the details of every move you are going to make along the way. At BusinessOptix, we like to pull together the change for all to see, and a T-Map does this job perfectly.

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