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Faster transition from R&D to sale to maximise patents, managing pricing pressures from healthcare customers (who see opportunity to save costs), handling increased scrutiny of research and operational practices, managing local and international regulations and compliance, and new drugs discovery to fulfil future revenue and shareholder expectations. All challenges that pharmaceutical company’s face in a quest to remain competitive.

BusinessOptix helps pharmaceuticals create robust business operations that support the creation and delivery of profitable drugs right across manufacturing and the supply chain.

Examples of the value BusinessOptix can deliver to pharmaceutical includes:

  • Creating operating models and processes that span all operating areas from research to manufacturing and distribution
  • Understanding existing research and development processes and optimising them to shorten the time to market
  • Defining clinical trials models and processes to minimise risks and errors in the development process
  • Managing regulatory compliance processes including documenting processes and as regulations change recording these
  • Creating training and support material, based on the core processes, to support and train field and support staff

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