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Customer centricity, omni-channel options, global competition, innovative shopping experiences and increased consumer power. With traditional and new retailers going head to head in a ultra-competitive environment, it has never been a more challenging time to be in retail.

BusinessOptix helps retailers create robust business operations that blend the latest innovations with cost controls to support the transition into a 21st century retailer that is able to serve its customers across multiple channels 24/7/365.

Examples of the value BusinessOptix can deliver to retailers includes:

  • Creating omni-channel customer experiences and processes that cover all stages of the customer lifecycle and blend physical and digital worlds
  • Understanding existing and creating new operating and capability models
  • Standardising and digitising key processes from store openings to stick checks and management, and ABC
  • Create an end-to-end view of your key operations and enable you to evolve these as the business grows and develops
  • Support decision making and business cases with a validated view of today’s operations (as-is) and future options (to-be)
  • Design a consistent and joined-up user experience across all channels
  • Centralise and standardise repeatable processes, such as new product development, making them easier to administer and maintain

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