Insurance Reimagined During Uncertainty

Do you want to become an insurance innovator and stay ahead of your competition? Our platform supports the multi-dimensional nature of this work and will help you optimize processes, reduce costs, delight customers, and future-proof your business.

The profitability and survival of many insurance companies is threatened by a fast-paced ever-changing world. Whether change is driven by internal factors, such as shifting processes and operations, or external factors such as new regulations. To meet these changes, plenty companies have already invested heavily in digital innovation, but to truly thrive in uncertainty and outperform the competition, it will take more than digitizing systems.

The best experiences, across areas such as customer onboarding, underwriting and claims management, are delivered when all areas of the organization are aligned and continuously optimized. Not only will this bring flexibility and agility into day-to-day operations, it will help your company capitalize more quickly on shifts in the market. Additionally, your organization will captivate customers and achieve better results by creating a customer-centric delivery model that aligns all aspects of your organization.

Where do you Begin?

It starts with an understanding of how your organization operates today, you then move onto discovering opportunities to improve and captivate your customers through delivering excellent service, at the right time, in the right channel.

What BusinessOptix can do for you

Rapidly Discover Current Processes

  • Use Process Mining via BOx or 3rd party
  • Crowdsource knowledge through remote Process Discovery
  • Import former process documents or model from scratch to capture current processes

Identify Process Improvement Opportunities

  • Model Comparison (As-is vs Best Practice Process)
  • Leverage surveys to highlight areas that are ripe to benefit from automation
  • Understand cost structures and metrics
  • Utilize scenario modelling and simulation to understand the optimal improvement opportunities
  • Utilize ROI calculators and analytics to understand and show the business case to changes

Deliver Transformation

  • Understand the journey to transformation through t-maps
  • Manage specific changes through user stories & Kanbans
  • Collaborate with stakeholders across the business and IT to ensure change is understood and is executed
  • Embed compliance and governance into your processes by providing work instructions and guidance to your front line staff

Measure, Manage & Continuously Optimize

  • Leverage dashboards to understand process performance
  • Report on Compliance and Risk engagement
  • Use process mining to continuously measure results of new processes and identify new improvement areas


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