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Link your customer journey with operational processes to create frictionless customer experiences. BusinessOptix believe in colliding strategies around Customer Experience (CX) and Operational Experience (OpEX) to ensure you deliver the experiences your customer desire and the results your business demands.

Link the customer journey with operational processes to create frictionless customer experiences.

Customer Journey Mapping

Start understanding and transforming the customer experience by using our process mapping tool to map and visualize the end-to-end customer journey, across all channels (e.g. web, mobile, phone, email and physical store).

Once you understand the journey, we will help you map it to your people, processes and systems to create a clear and holistic view of the role (good and bad), these play in your customer’s experience.

Customer experience customer journey mapping

customer experience continuous evolution

Customer Experience – Continuous Evolution

Our platform can be used to mine customer journey and model and simulate potential changes to improve outcomes for the customer and the business. While working through the changes, all process designs, models and simulations can be shared with stakeholders for their review and comments, online (so no need for sending emails and hoping everyone is looking at the latest version!)

Improvement examples include:

  • Identifying the most optimal channels to engage different demographics of customers
  • Making the experience more consistent across channels
  • Replacing or altering system configurations that create bottlenecks
  • Moving FTEs to focus on critical parts of the exception process
  • Altering or adding new processes to comply with the latest regulations

Once the new process has been finalized, support speed to execution and compliance with our guided work instructions to support front line employees, user stories to support development teams, and run time Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) for use in execution engines.

Add to this the availability of transformation planning and analysis tools to help you set and manage your goals, strategies and milestones, and you have a platform that supports the end-to-end transformation and ongoing improvement of your customer experience.

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