Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and the effective management of risk have wide ranging implications for operational efficiency. The larger the organization, and the more tightly regulated the industry, the greater their influence. Getting “ahead of the curve” when it comes to meeting compliance obligations can make the difference between success and failure. Moving from a reactive state to a proactive stance on the identification, management and mitigation of risk can ensure your business continuously meets its compliance obligations.

Deliver compliance and risk management at the fingertips of all employees.

Supporting Business-as-Usual

Good decision making is essential to the management of risk and good decision making is dependent upon access to accurate information. A detailed understanding of your business processes allows you to identify potential areas of risk or non-compliance and proactively transform your business, improving governance.

With BusinessOptix, you can embed governance and the management or mitigation of risk into the core of all your executions. From managing customer data to complying with industry regulations to evaluating the stability and security of processes; make risk and compliance a part of your firm’s “business-as-usual”.


  • Embed compliance requirements into existing processes or create processes based on new regulations
  • Annotate each compliance regulation against specific activities including details of the regulation and specific requirements to be completed at that step
  • Model and assess risk levels including illustrating hot spots of dependency, risk, or threat
  • Provide users with contextual work instructions to support their adherence to regulations
  • Train users to ensure they are aware of the required standards and compliance practices
  • Generate proof for internal auditors and industry regulators to demonstrate that the organization is compliant and being transparent

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