New Product / Service Delivery

Launch new products and services to markets with confidence in how the delivery model will work, the customers will consume and how the operations will support it.

Use BusinessOptix to develop and deliver the processes to support new products and services in an agile way. From idea through to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and beyond, our tools enable you to see the bigger picture whilst incrementally delivering value.

Develop and deliver the processes to support new products and services in an agile way.

Deliver a Successful, Profitable Launch

Have you aligned revenue and market projections with what the new launch may cost your operations? Bring the people, process and technology elements together to effectively manage the new product launch from one source of the truth. Have confidence in the ROI metrics and data that our platform generates to confidently and successfully bring new products to market.

Use our platform to orchestrate the various teams and associates that are required for a successful and profitable launch:

At all stages of new process creation (or adjustment), user stories can be added and provided to the development teams that will be building them to drive delivery.

Operations, sales and customer service teams can be supported by new guided work instructions to help your teams execute the new processes that relate to the new launch and meets compliance needs.

We enable all stakeholders to easily create and evolve processes in line with their product’s development.

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