BusinessOptix Partner Program

Supercharge the way your clients leverage your services and intellectual property to transform their business and operations.  BusinessOptix Digital Transformation and Adoption suite puts a powerful, robust process discovery, delivery, and optimization tool in the hands of our partners to better deliver projects and outcomes and provide an additional offering to their clients.

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Why Partner with Us?

Deliver the IP Toolkit for the Digital Age

Deepen your relationship with existing customers and win new clients by making your IP readily available with BusinessOptix. Guide your clients on a seamless journey with a highly collaborative tool, that allows all stakeholders to work from one source of the truth, audit changes as they are made and provide robust documentation on future state changes.

Expand Revenue with Subscription Opportunities

Provide your clients a comprehensive offering for end-to-end business transformation. By leveraging BusinessOptix, you have a lens into the end to end processes of a business as well as the associated metrics and cost structures. Our consulting partners leverage this to help their clients identify new areas to leverage their IP to improve their business.  Additionally, firms can sell BusinessOptix into their end user clients creating an additional revenue stream.

Provide an Industry Recognized Platform

Recognized by leading analyst firms, such as Gartner and Forrester, BusinessOptix provides an industry leading Digital Transformation Suite that enables consulting and end user firms to rapidly discover processes and opportunities for improvement and visualize how that transformation will come to life and influence everything from the operating model to the customer journey down to the individual operational processes.

How Do I Become a Partner?

Simply select one of the programs listed below that will power your business and clients in the best manner.  We offer a variety of partner programs and we will work with you to ensure we get the right fit for your needs.

Referral Program

Designed for independent advisors, coaches, and businesses who are interested in recommending BusinessOptix “Control Today, Navigate Tomorrow” to their clients, earn top commission, and have BusinessOptix maintains client contact.

Reseller Program

Designed for partners to sell BusinessOptix transformation platform and the reseller leads the client training and support functions.  This program allows resellers to price at their discretion.


  • Access to BusinessOptix Partner Library
  • Partnership assistance & Training
  • Quarterly commissions
  • First level support

BPO, Systems Integration, Consulting & Professional Services Program

Designed for consultancies, software providers and system integrators to include BusinessOptix as part of an overall service and solutioning.


  • Access to BusinessOptix Partner Library
  • Dedicated Partner support
  • Special Partner pricing
  • Access to BusinessOptix client base
  • Optional White labeling
  • Customized training
  • Certifications available

Technology OEM Program

Designed for our global network of complimentary technology partners supporting the alignment of technology, flow of information and core application integration.


  • Intelligent automation
  • Digitization of operations
  • Operational compliance
  • Anomaly alignment – big data

Pricing Model

BusinessOptix offers a partner model that provides pricing flexibility and tailored solutions that result in value for you and your clients. The Partner Program is best suited for Resellers, Consulting, Integration and Technology companies looking to leverage our platform to “Control Today, Navigate Tomorrow.”

Contact us today to learn how the BusinessOptix partner program can SUPERCHARGE your transformation.


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