Financial Services Customer Experience Case Study

Financial Services Organization uses BusinessOptix to standardize its customer onboarding process

A Finance & Risk (F&R) function in a global financial services organization had expanded their product offering through new product development and acquisitions. A consequence of the rapid expansion was no single, standard and consistent process for onboarding clients who were purchasing the range of products on offer – this was creating a duplication of work and a poor experience for customers and internal teams.

As part of an initiative to improve the onboarding process and create a single F&R business, they wanted to create a standard process that could be rolled out across all product lines. BusinessOptix was used to design a reusable process that capitalized on the best of existing practices while adding complementary with new and efficient ways of working. The rollout included a dynamically generated intranet containing a quick reference guide detailing how the process works, and a tool to help users convert current process (esp. from acquired companies) into the new process.

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