Financial Services New Product Development Case Study

Financial Services Organization uses BusinessOptix to create new product development process

A global financial services organization planned to create a global solution for Banks, Investment Managers and Corporates to simplify and streamline counterparty due diligence and the ongoing maintenance of KYC (Know Your Customer) records – in line with evolving regulatory demands.

To help them create the solution Clarasys (a BusinessOptix partner) combined their Agile Methodology with BusinessOptix platform to build a service within a few months. Clarasys Agile Methodology was used to incrementally build and test the solution, while BusinessOptix was used to collaboratively (with internal and external stakeholders) map and link the end-to-end processes to policy documents, define requirements for a workforce tool, and share key documentation (as a replacement for email). With the initial processes built, Clarasys supported the growth of the service as client numbers and the volume of records grew.

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