International Consultancy Operational Transformation

International Consultancy uses BusinessOptix to transform core business operations

An international consultancy wanted to transform the way it thought about and delivered its Finance, HR and IT operations. Of particular focus was professionalizing the definition and delivery of operational processes across multiple geographies, and moving away from Visio and a number of home grown solutions to a single, collaborative and intuitive platform – especially as they were costing time and effort and leading to inconsistent delivery approaches.

Using BusinessOptix as its strategic process modeling platform, this consultancy started with their financial processes and created BPMN standards for process design. Working in parallel, they imported existing Visio processes to be used as the baseline for the to-be processes that included process descriptions, compliance and risk checks, links to existing guides and surrounding systems (HR platform), and data checks (in preparation for their GDPR initiative). They also created standard operating procedures and work instructions to support internal users of the processes.

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