Managing key process and automation strategies

Industry Analyst, Jim Sinur provides insights and approaches to help guide us on a process and automation experience.

There is no question organizations are taking a closer look at how to react quicker, work smarter and connect better with customers to manage disruption and capture opportunity.  At the core of this assessment is the viability and adaptability of their processes and how automation can and should play a role in creating a more digital, agile organization.

Traditional automation technologies such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, ERP, product life-cycle management software and legacy systems, have helped companies streamline functions and track data for years. However, many of these automated systems still require significant manual processing. With the advent of Intelligent Automation, Customer Excellence Programs and Agility Enhancing Software, the game has quickly and drastically changed for organizations while the need to meet your customers’ needs and deliver a seamless experience has not.

Listen as Industry Analyst, Jim Sinur, provides insights and approaches to help guide organizations through the next generation of process and automation strategies. In this talk, he will speak to:

  • How can organizations manage large and small change necessary to dynamically adjust to changing conditions?
  • How can you align your customer’s needs to your operational execution?
  • How do you ensure the journeys your customers have are distinctly aligned to how your operational processes and associates execute in the new normal?

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