Achieve Operational Excellence


 The term 'Operational Excellence' has been around for decades. While it has included different concepts over time it was largely focused on process improvement methodologies in the back office and servicing arms of organizations. 

To more effectively serve customers, execute more efficiently and contend with increased competition, organizations must explore opportunities for continuous improvement across the enterprise - from sales to operations to corporate functions. This approach is what we refer to as the NextGen Operational Excellence.

BusinessOptix is the catalyst to realizing NextGen Operational Excellence by helping organizations: 

  • Capture the as-is operating model to gain an understanding of how people, process and technology are currently being leveraged across the enterprise to identify opportunities for improvement  
  • Gain contextual information from business leaders, stakeholders and SMEs using questionnaires and forms
  • Model, test and plan for the future state through scenario modeling, transformation analysis and maps, maturity and risk assessments, ROI metrics and more
  • Leverage documentation, work instructions and in-set training opportunities to ensure adherence to the new operating model and associated processes
  • Measure actual vs. expected performance through reporting and dashboards to create a basis for continuous process improvement 




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