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Business Process Outsourcing

Payroll, human resources, financial operations, IT services, customer services, et al, are some of the business operations that organisations outsource to Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) with an aim of achieving high quality services that are efficient and at a lower cost.

Without the right tools, outsourcers’ ability to meet client demands may fall short leading to dissatisfaction in engagements and lower client retention rates.

BusinessOptix enables BPOs to combine their expertise with a powerful platform to manage their clients from capturing and analysing the current state to designing and rolling out the future state of their clients operations.

BusinessOptix capabilities support BPOs through the journey of understanding where their clients are today and designing their future state:

bpo business operating system.png

In financial services, health and life sciences, manufacturing, retail, telecoms, media and government sectors, BusinessOptix single platform is being used to by BPOs to deliver outsourced operations across areas such as financial operations, regulatory compliance, supply chain, customer experience and business services.

From business leaders to enterprise architects, analysts, consultants and front line staff, BusinessOptix is able to support the multiple roles involved in a transformation. For example, business leaders can be supported to define the strategy and targeted outcomes, while analysts, architects and consultants can be supported to execute the strategy in a shared workspace that ensures bi-directional communication and timely delivery of the initiative to end users.

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