Create your Digital Twin


Being able to see and assess the impact of a potential change across the entire value chain before it is rolled out to thousands or millions of customers is an important part of enabling organizations to quickly move with a level of confidence that the change will have a positive affect.

Understanding where you are today and being able to simulate alternatives next steps is an important part of evolving your organization.

BusinessOptix enables you to clearly create a digital view of your business today and the use this to create and test alternative options to improve performance or eliminating issues.

Specifically, the BusinessOptix platform can be used to:

  • Identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses incl. capacity limitations, bottlenecks, critical points and interconnected areas
  • Highlight opportunities for improvement
  • Simulate different improvement options incl. metrics
  • Support the testing and phased roll-out of changes
  • Measure the impact of changes as part of an incremental programme of improvements
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