Deliver a Differentiated Customer Experience


Customer experience is a high priority for most organizations: get it right to keep customers, get it wrong and they will leave. Not only this, but as Bain & Company illustrate increasing customer retention rates by as little as 5% will boost profits by at least 25%.

Organizations delivering superior experiences are working hard to understand their customer journeys and touchpoints in order to eliminate friction, drive customer satisfaction and ultimately competitive advantage.

BusinessOptix offers the tools to help organizations understand and improve their customer experiences.

Specifically, the BusinessOptix platform will:

  • Analyse, map and visualize customer journeys across channels and touchpoints
  • Pinpoint inefficiencies and highlight opportunities to improve customer interactions incl. impact assessments
  • Create requirements and user stories to define and prioritize each interaction and support implementation teams
  • Generate work instructions and support documentation to help guide frontline employees.
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