Provide Transparent Risk and Compliance

controltodaycroppedRisk and compliance are now an inherent part of all businesses (not just those in regulated industries).

It's imperative to be able move from a reactive to proactive stance where organizations to identify and mitigate risks before they become issues, ensuing that compliance requirements are understood and acted on at every juncture.

Organizations need to find ways to embed transparency risk management and compliance into the core of everything they do.

From managing customer data to complying with industry regulations to evaluating the stability and security of their processes risk and compliance needs to become part of a firm’s “business-as-usual”.

BusinessOptix enables organisations to understand risks and compliance requirements, and then embed strategies for managing these into the core of their business operations.

Specifically, the BusinessOptix platform can be used to:

  • Provide transparency into where your people, process and technology touch risk prone or highly regulated areas of the business to pinpoint areas of dependency or threat
  • Identify what data is managed at each process to support items like where PII sits within the organization and better manage regulatory requirements such as GDPR
  • Enesure adherence to proper execution of process steps through work instructions
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