The new abnormal – welcome to the untypical day

Author: Kari Moeller

Digital Transformation

March is my absolute favorite time of year  

Nothing excites me more than March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, the arrival of spring and the start of baseball season.  It’s when many come out of winter hibernation with renewed energy. But this is not a typical spring.  Stadiums will be empty, streets cleaner than they have ever been on March 17th and spring break is now the beginning of a long summer break for many students.  The typical day is on hold.

Welcome to the untypical day

It is safe to say that each day over the last week has brought us new experiences and challenges, and no one has a playbook for this. If history has taught us anything, it’s not to dismiss change, no matter how big or small, by saying ‘this too shall pass.’ Rather we need to look at it as a learning experience and focus on grasping the opportunity that will come out of it.   

Process-driven organizations are well-equipped to take on the untypical event/day. The transparent and comprehensive view of their business operations gives them the insight and confidence to adapt to a variety of scenarios. Adapt is the key word. How quickly can you adjust to new situations? Are you scrambling to survive, or do you have the context and understanding to thriveCan you easily connect your assets – people, process, systems and data – to your operating model goals and communicate that to the organization?  

In talking to our customers over the last week, we have been in awe of their ability to manage the ever-changing conditions caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. While there are challenges aplenty, the human spirit is resilient, and it is inspiring to see the creativity and collaboration people are exhibiting to get through this challenging time. Work from anywhere has been a big part of our business for years.  We use our software to collaborate across our business, but I still get so much energy from in-person collaboration.  Call me an old soul but a good challenge and a whiteboard and dry erase markers gets me going!  

I’m curious how others are handling the current conditions. What’s working well? What challenges have you experienced? By sharing our experiences, we can all adapt quicker to the new (ab)normal. 

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