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We encourage prospects and clients to enroll in our online learning. We have courses that cover the core features of the platform - from modeling to transformation and more. We add new courses each month to cover the more specialized platform capabilities and to showcase new releases.

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“The training was very good and well organized. Thanks to the solid structure of the learning path, it was possible to learn all the features and complete the assignment without any further assistance. Even more amazing was the high level of customer service. Getting the access and support needed, as well as, getting the final review done, was as super smooth and quick process. Last but not least, the software itself is fabulous! Well done team!"


Claudio Caputo

“I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go through the BusinessOptix Certification Programme. BusinessOptix gives us, as consultants, a wide array of tools to bring value to our customers, including process mining, transformation scenarios, Kanban boards, work instructions, documentation, and many more.”  

Beata Rosinska

Senior Transformation Consultant at Capgemini

“This training course was by far one of the best courses I've been doing, very clearly explained, with subtitles, short videos, prerequisites and short quizzes. The whole course can take up to 1 day if you are a beginner with BO {BusinessOptix}. I strongly recommend this training course to anyone who would like to improve their skills in BO or start working on process design architecture with BO. Well done to all teams involved.”

Simona Vasiliu

BusinessOptix Certification Review for Power 1 User

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