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Tailored Solutions for every Process Challenge

If you have a problem with cost, revenue, risk, or experience, take a look at how we solve these in your industry or where you may find shared experiences and challenges.

We help organizations regardless of their industry to solve common problems with Process Intelligence solutions.

Whether you are looking to optimize operations, drive innovation, or enhance decision-making, BusinessOptix provides the tools and capabilities to help make your business operationally excellent.

How we are helping


Common Problem: The banking industry faces changing regulations, complex workflows and the challenges created by data silos and aging technologies, leading to inefficiencies and compliance risks.

Our Solution: BusinessOptix offers process discovery tools such as process mining and modeling that help banks and financial institutions gain a comprehensive view of their current operations and identify bottlenecks. Simulation and scenario testing capabilities then allow them to assess their potential future state to enhance operational resilience, spot areas for automation, and improve customer experiences. Our Governance, risk and compliance solution also provide a structured framework to manage, assess and mitigate risks

Business Process Outsourcing

Common Problem: BPO providers struggle with the challenge of streamlining complex processes across various clients, making it hard to achieve operational excellence and deliver optimal service experiences.

Our Solution: BusinessOptix offers comprehensive support throughout the entire process development lifecycle, from the initial discovery phase to final delivery. Our platform creates a data-driven digital twin of any business process, enabling BPO providers to quickly identify opportunities that drive profitability, improve performance, and deliver innovation - which leads to more wins and renewals.  


Common Problem: Governments need to adapt to the digital era while delivering value for the taxpayer and improving citizen and employee processes. With limited funding and budgets available, investing in the right technology is vital.  

Our Solution: BusinessOptix assists governments by helping them to optimize their service delivery so they can identify inefficiencies and underutilization of resources, streamline processes, and improve overall service quality. By identifying areas of inefficiency or underutilization, governments can not only reallocate resources to high-priority areas, they can also improve budgetary outcomes. 


Common Problem: The healthcare sector faces a multitude of complex operational challenges in trying to balance improving clinical and patient experience while having the most efficient non-clinical business operations. These challenges include patient flow optimization, compliance, resource allocation, and the need to rapidly transform digitally.

Our Solution: BusinessOptix offers rapid discovery insights into existing processes to spot bottlenecks and helps healthcare organizations create and implement more effective and patient-centric workflows that improve experiences. Our Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution plays a critical role in helping healthcare organizations to meet compliance by providing a structured framework to manage, assess and mitigate risks. 


Common Problem: Insurance organizations face challenges ranging from customer onboarding, underwriting and claims management to regulatory compliance, which can result in poor experiences, delays, customer dissatisfaction and reduced profitability. 

Our Solution: BusinessOptix refines these operations by providing tools to model and analyze processes and real-event data to see where operations can be streamlined and optimized to ultimately deliver faster and more efficient decision-making. We also help them uncover opportunities where automation could be implemented to boost efficiency, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Governance, risk, and compliance solutions provide a structured framework to manage, assess and mitigate risks. 

Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction

Common Problem: These industries heavily rely on raw materials and components sourced from various suppliers. Any disruptions in the supply chain or associated processes and systems can lead to project delays, customer frustration, and cost overruns. 

Our Solution: BusinessOptix simplifies operations by offering tools to optimize supply chain management for continual tracking and analysis and to avoid potential disruptions. Our software can also help to evaluate where emerging technologies like automation can be best utilized to improve costs, optimize resource allocation, improve efficiency, and enhance competitiveness. 


Common Problems:  
In the pharmaceutical industry, key challenges include stringent regulatory requirements, supply chain complexities, quality control issues, and increasing competition. Pharmaceutical companies face continual pressure to innovate rapidly, adapt to changing market dynamics, and address emerging healthcare needs, all while maintaining profitability and compliance.  

Our Solution: BusinessOptix helps by enabling organizations to efficiently map out long and complex processes that typically come with drug development lifecycles and pinpoint where inefficiencies or bottlenecks may be within the workflows. Our process repository centralizes SOPs (standard operating procedures) and work instructions, along with the ability to manage risks and controls to ensure compliance and consistency so there is always a full record and audit trail available.  

Research & Education

Common Problem: Research organizations andEducational institutions deal with significant administrative complexities which can cause cumbersome administrative processes and a lack of standardized procedures for data management and analysis. These challenges also mean fragmented collaboration and communication channels.

Our Solution: BusinessOptix offer invaluable support by enabling comprehensive process modeling and facilitating dynamic collaboration across functions. With its transformative capabilities, BusinessOptix empowers organizations to engage stakeholders effectively, plan and approve process evolution, and address pain points proactively. BusinessOptix's simulation capabilities enable data-driven decision-making, supporting funding prioritization and driving initiatives with greater impact and effectiveness. 

Retail & Leisure

Common Problem: Retail and leisure organizations, due to the dynamic nature of consumer demand, evolving market trends, and intense competition, are faced with needing to improve and reduce friction from the customer experience and have an efficient administration of the supply chain.  

Our Solution: BusinessOptix is instrumental in helping the retail and leisure industry excel in customer journey management while also addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations to optimize transformation. With BusinessOptix, retailers can model and manage the customer journey with precision, optimizing every touchpoint from browsing to purchase to post-sale support. By analyzing data and streamlining processes, BusinessOptix enhances operational efficiency, reduces wait times, and ensures a seamless omnichannel experience.


Common problems: In the technology industry, poor process and operations management hinder innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness. Operating on a global scale can lead to real challenges in process document management and a lack of standardization.  

Our solution: A BusinessOptix Process Repository serves as a centralized hub for creating, storing, and managing processes, SOPs, and work instructions, ensuring consistency and efficiency at both local and global levels. Customized landing pages for each client foster a personalized approach to service delivery while maintaining brand consistency. By unifying teams' approach to process mapping, promoting consistency through BPMN 2.0 standards, and facilitating efficient collaboration, BusinessOptix enables technology businesses to achieve process excellence and enhance customer experience. Our solutions drive accelerated time to revenue and improved operational efficiency.  

Telecoms & Utilities

Common Problem:In telecoms and utilities, process challenges like slow customer acquisition, billing errors, and ineffective retention strategies hinder efficiency and satisfaction. Lengthy onboarding, billing inaccuracies, and poor communication lead to dissatisfaction and churn. 

Our Solution: With BusinessOptix, organizations can utilize real event data to drive evidence-based process improvements, identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for optimization. Our user-friendly surveys enable quick capture of the collective wisdom of teams, facilitating insights into process bottlenecks and improvement suggestions. BusinessOptix also allows companies to create actionable and dynamic process maps that evolve with their business, ensuring processes remain up-to-date and aligned with changing requirements. By leveraging BusinessOptix, telecoms and utilities companies can drive efficiency, reduce errors, and accelerate their operational workflows effectively. 

Transport & Logistics  

Common Problems: In the transport and logistics industries, challenges include inefficient route planning, delays in freight transportation, errors in inventory management, and lack of visibility across supply chain networks. Inadequate communication among stakeholders, manual data entry processes, and reliance on outdated technologies further exacerbate these challenges.  

Our solution: Our Transformation Planning & Analysis capabilities empower companies to define ambitious transformation goals, chart milestones, and create achievable schedules, thus optimizing route planning and reducing delays. Through transformation maps and dashboards, teams gain visibility into critical milestones, fostering understanding and efficient implementation to mitigate errors in inventory management. Leveraging single data sources ensures consistency and accuracy, aiding in better decision-making and enhancing visibility across supply chain networks. With BusinessOptix, transport and logistics companies can streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer service in an increasingly competitive market. 

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