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Business Process Outsourcing. Transformed.

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Identify Opportunities to Improve Performance

In the evolving world of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), delivering optimal service experiences, efficient operating models and cost savings can be extremely challenging.

BusinessOptix is a data-driven transformation platform that enables business process outsourcers to quickly identify opportunities to improve performance - creating more profit, winning more deals and securing renewals. 

We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process development lifecycle, from the initial discovery phase to final delivery.

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Our platform creates a data-driven digital twin of any business process, enabling the simulation of proposed improvements and delivering faster digital transformation through rapid discovery of current process baseline and IP comparison.
  • Use insights to automate processes using RPA, AI and ERP to streamline workflows.
  • Our platform enables you to embrace a true digital transformation from sales to delivery, differentiating your services and helping to build revenue and demonstrate digital leadership.
  • Our platform's Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) module ensures you can manage reputational, financial, and operational risks effectively.

  • Leverage our industry-leading experience with top BPO providers to implement a streamlined process design and execution capability, helping to optimize customer service.
  • Our platform provides a holistic understanding by utilizing varied discovery methods, ensuring a 360° view of your processes, seamlessly connecting your overarching strategy to daily operations and ensuring alignment at every step.

  • And with our advanced scenario modeling, you can design, plan, and deliver projects with total confidence while our detailed documentation tools minimize training time and mitigate potential risks, ensuring smooth transitions and implementations.

Why Business Process Outsourcing Providers
Should Use BusinessOptix

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Create Process Transparency
Enable total visibility for stakeholder alignment.

Drive Growth
Win more clients and retain your existing customer base by streamlining process discovery to delivery.

Reduce Risk
Connect with your real event data to create a digital twin of any process-based operation that can be simulated for proposed improvements, removing the risk of delivering against objectives and targets.

Build Supplier Confidence
Collaborate with your customers in a digital repository of their business operations/processes.

Boost Profitability
Elevate the profitability of your existing accounts through digital transformation.

Optimize Contracts
Seamlessly transition legacy accounts to a more digital operation to increase profitability and delight your customers.

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