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Digital Twin. Created.

Are you Ready to Assess your Current State vs Future State?

BusinessOptix's Digital Twin solution enables you to create a living, breathing virtual model of your organization – capturing everything from people, processes and technology, to risks and controls into a centralized data-driven repository – to help you explore 'what-ifs' and plan effectively for the future.

Unlock Continuous Improvement with Digital Twins

  • Understand your organization's current state and simulate future scenarios.
  • Develop a rich repository and metamodel of processes, standard operating procedures and other related documentation.
  • Explore options and reduce risks as you evolve.
  • Seamlessly transition from current models to transformative initiatives.
  • Provide AI models and tooling with a rich knowledge base for discovery, opportunity identification and search.
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How it works

Our Digital Twin platform isn't just a snapshot; it's a dynamic tool that adapts with you. You start by capturing your organization's current structure, processes, key metrics and referential data. From there, you can run simulations for various 'what-if' scenarios, letting you test alternatives before making any big decisions. This iterative approach is vital for continuous improvement and helps guide your change management processes.

Additionally, you may want to improve your sustainability metrics or validate a traditional business transformation to understand the impact on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance to ensure it does no harm to your ESG programs or adds ESG risk to the business.

According to Gartner, the adoption of digital twin technology is soaring, and they've highlighted BusinessOptix as a leader in the field.

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Our platform allows you to answer critical questions such as

  • Can we enhance customer experiences?
  • Will implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) boost productivity?
  • Do we need more resources for that new sales campaign?

This can be achieved while continually monitoring and improving your operations.

Creating your Digital Twin.
Read our solution sheet to learn more.

Why choose BusinessOptix for

Digital Twin Enablement?

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Real-Time Adaptability
Our digital twin evolves with your organization.

Risk Mitigation
Test various scenarios to make informed decisions.

Keep Processes Current
Using methods such as data-driven process mining, collaborative surveys, modeling and importing.

Continuous Improvement
Transform your business management from a linear to a cyclical process.

Strategic Planning
Using a data-driven approach, our digital twin technology offers in-depth analysis via interactive dashboards.

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