Modern Slavery Policy

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is a critical area of UK legislation targeting the prevention and prosecution of all forms of 'modern slavery', including human trafficking and forced, or compulsory, labour.

Under section 54 of the Act BusinessOptix Limited, BusinessOptix Inc and BusinessOptix Global Inc, have prepared a slavery and human trafficking statement, publishing the steps continually taken to ensure that modern slavery is not taking place in any part of their business or supply chains.

Our Policies

Slavery and human trafficking are serious crimes and human rights violations, BusinessOptix strongly condemns them in all forms. We take our role in protecting and upholding human rights seriously and understand the importance of respecting individuals’ rights to allow our business to succeed and promote a healthy well-being.

BusinessOptix Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics Policy encourages employees to report on matters involving potential legal issues such as contravention of human rights, and other misconducts in connection with its business, in respect of which mandatory staff onboarding training is delivered to ensure of this awareness referenced to the staff handbook.

We are committed to acting ethically in all our business dealings and relationships implementing an effective zero-tolerance approach to ensure modern slavery is not taking place anywhere within our own business and we expect our professional relationships to hold the same high standards.

Due Diligence Process

As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate risks, we carry out appropriate due diligence when engaging and working with suppliers, whilst also ensuring that the work undertaken is proportionate to the services provided and the risk involved.

Supply Chain Risk

We ensure that as a company, our employees, contractors, and our supply chains respect international human rights principles through our policy and any breaches of the Policy may result in disciplinary action, including potential dismissal, against employees and termination of BusinessOptix relationships with other parties.

BusinessOptix is not aware of any instance in which a modern slavery concern has been raised by an employee or third party in either its business or its supply chains, and BusinessOptix has not identified any instances of modern slavery in either its business or its supply chains.

Our Steps

BusinessOptix remains committed to taking steps to prevent modern slavery arising in any part of its business or supply chains. BusinessOptix ensures ongoing compliance with this statement by:

  • Continued review with its existing procurement arrangements with relevant members of staff, with a view to identifying any elements of those arrangements which give rise to risk of modern slavery.
  • Deliver staff onboarding training on risks of modern slavery, which forms part of the mandatory training on Corporate Ethics for all BusinessOptix staff and can be identified in the staff handbook.
  • Continue to require such suppliers and contractors to act within their contractual obligations to comply with all applicable laws in force, including the Modern Slavery Act 2015, to take steps to ensure that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of its business and to confirm the absence of historic offences, investigations, enquiries or other enforcement proceedings in connection with slavery or human trafficking.

Further Steps

We will continue to assess our business and supply chains for risks of slavery and human trafficking. We will take steps to review and, where appropriate, further improve our strategy and amend as needed our procurement processes whilst raising awareness to any important information as part of training to relevant parts of our business.

Last Updated: 24th May 2023