Upgrade to Web Author for the best experience of BusinessOptix

by Chris Bell on 20-Feb-2019 22:50:43

Web Author provides the most up to date version of the BusinessOptix authoring tool. View your library in your browser and click on the Author link to start

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Converting operational applications and BPM tools from cost centres to value providers

by Asomi Ithia on 23-Nov-2017 10:42:00


Organisations implement business processes either through standalone BPM tools or as part of applications such as ERPs and CRMs. Over time as changes are made to these tools and applications, process visibility and understanding can be lost, primarily because knowledge of the changes is stored in peoples’ heads (and not documented). People move onto different roles internally or outside the organisation and take knowledge with them or because there are so many changes it’s been impossible to know what’s really happening.

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Topics: BPM, operations, crm, erp, business optimsiation, process optimisation

Achieve total compliance: starting with GDPR

by Steve Brown on 27-Jul-2017 10:47:31

GDPR, like MiFID II, AML4 and SOX, are all regulations that organisations are legally required to meet. As you ponder your approach to each, it is worth considering a ‘total compliance’ approach. Instead of focusing on each in a silo, total compliance focuses on creating a reusable approach that means you meet your requirements and save time, cost and effort on the way.

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Topics: compliance, gdpr, regulation

The Robots are coming – how can you get them working for you?

by Steve Brown on 25-Jul-2017 08:28:00

Robots, in the form of robotic process automation, have made the move from the factory floor to the office, promising increased quality, reduced costs, and human liberation from repetitive, mundane and unsatisfying tasks.

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Topics: robotics, rpa, robot process automation

Successfully Transforming & Improving Business Operations

by Asomi Ithia on 12-Jul-2017 08:03:00

In our latest white paper we look at an approach to successfully transforming and improving business operations.

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Topics: Transformation, Operational Performance

BusinessOptix feature in Silicon Review as one of 50 Fastest Growing Companies of 2017

by Asomi Ithia on 21-Jun-2017 11:24:53

As a company that is growing its UK and International footprint, we are proud to receive this recognition and write-up as testament to the developments and milestones we have achieved.

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Quick Tip: Resizing images whilst retaining the aspect ratio

by Chris Bell on 03-Apr-2017 08:47:43

It's common to need to change the size of an image in a diagram and generally we want to retain the aspect ratio of the image when we resize it. In Web Author this is fairly simple, just hold down the Shift key whilst performing the resize and the aspect ratio will be retained. The same approach can be used for other objects as well.

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Topics: Product, Author, Tips

Improving the performance of Web Author

by Chris Bell on 14-Dec-2016 13:54:57

Now that Web Author supports most of the functionality of desktop Author (and surpasses it in some areas), the most common reason we've been given by customers for not using it has been that the performance did not match the performance of desktop Author. We've recently done some work in this area for one particular case, model load speeds.

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Topics: Product, Author

New! Web Author Online Training

by Chris Bell on 18-Nov-2016 13:38:43

BusinessOptix would like to invite you to our online training sessions.

The next sessions will be take place on the 10th January & 11th January.

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Topics: Author

Ramboll Implement BusinessOptix

by Asomi Ithia on 07-Nov-2016 12:05:16

BusinessOptix, a leading provider of business modelling and process design tools, today announces that Ramboll, the international engineering and design consultancy, has implemented BusinessOptix as its strategic process modelling platform.

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Topics: Transformation, Business Process Analysis

Quick Tip: Creating clickable areas in diagrams in Web Author

by Mark Tallett on 20-Oct-2016 11:35:07

Simply select your custom shape in the diagram model, then in the details tray select Fill colour.

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Topics: Author, Tips

NEW BusinessOptix Free Webinars

by Jack Rawles on 13-Oct-2016 14:32:07

BusinessOptix are pleased to announce that we will be hosting free webinar sessions where we will look at case studies and discuss recent topical trends. Please join us for our upcoming webinars. Each is designed to share trends, best practice and examples of successful change & transformation and business process improvement.

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Topics: Transformation, Big Change, Business Process Analysis

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