Software overview

Scenario Modeling and Process Simulation. Unlocked.

With BusinessOptix Scenario Modeling & Process Simulation tools, you don't just visualize better business processes – you can see how they will work in the real world.

Our proven approach is all about delivering fast-paced decision-making with minimized risks – all modeled and simulated before any real-time changes are made.

Harness the power of our simulation tools to pinpoint, compare and enhance your existing processes

It's your roadmap to better operational efficiency and resilience.

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Model, Simulate and Act with Precision

Defining and implementing the right process changes for your organization is not without risk, especially when you can’t fully predict the ripple effects.

Our tools help you to:

  • Visualize end-to-end processes, risks and other key process intelligence metrics.
  • Draft potential pathways, whether it's harmonizing various versions of a process or streamlining specific steps.
  • Create simulations that lay out every potential outcome, ensuring you can see the performance and impacts of proposed changes to make data-led decisions.
  • Seamlessly integrate your chosen approach with comprehensive documentation and actionable guidelines, making execution simple.
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A Continuous Improvement Journey

Using BusinessOptix to model and simulate processes doesn’t end with implementation. By comparing predicted outcomes against real-world experiences, you can make your processes even more effective.

Our user-friendly, simple-to-use approach means process managers can continuously improve and optimize their processes whilst being aware of the associated downstream and upstream impacts. This is made possible by giving them access to the end-to-end process visualization as well as their core area of interest and responsibility.

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What our clients say

“BusinessOptix isn’t just a tool; it's pivotal to our long-term transformation vision. It complements our digital prowess, domain knowledge, and dedication to process excellence.”

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CFO Services and Consulting

Why Choose BusinessOptix 

Scenario Modeling and Process Simulation?

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Risk Ready
Predict challenges and avoid pitfalls before they arise.

Resource Intelligence
Allocate time and budgets for maximum impact.

Decide with Confidence
Data-driven insights mean faster and better choices.

Customer Centric
Design and simulate optimal customer experiences.

Team Empowerment
Equip and engage your staff with process transparency and confidence.

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