How We Started Driving Global Transformations

Before starting BusinessOptix in 2010, founder Peter Mclnally had already worked with several different Process Management software tools across the globe. It was during this time he discovered that most attempts at automation kept failing as companies did not truly understand their entire business processes and operating models.

Initially, the founding team developed a tool to create transparency into business processes.  They quickly gathered that people prefer to give information in different ways. This realization led to not only offering modeling but also pioneering the way to turn written text automatically into diagram. However, they were faced with something much larger. The documentation they needed to extract was often scattered over several separate, siloed tools. The need for a multifunctional, flexible and instantly usable platform that would combine these tools became very clear.

This innovative thinking is why today we have added capabilities that provide organizations with one suite to connect end-to-end transformation. Our platform provides targeted insights into how customer journeys and operational processes align, what associates and cost structures relate to each process and activity, how to not only envision the future transformation but actualize it through pragmatic steps and more. These insights are exactly how our cloud-based transformation platform has been recognized by leading analyst firms and has ignited transformation across hundreds of companies around the world.

BusinessOptix: Your Organizational Compass

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Our Team & Experience

Our global team is built from a focus on recruiting collaborative, diverse and inquisitive associates. We leverage experiences while injecting new and innovative methods and ways of thinking.

Our team has extensive experience in process, technology innovation and customer success. We’re ready to work with you to SUPERCHARGE your organization’s end-to-end transformation today!



Over the last few years, our work and capabilities have been recognized by a number of institutions such as:

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ISO 27001:2018 Certified

BusinessOptix is committed to providing our clients with a robust information security management. Through our ISO 27001 certification, we have developed and implemented processes and procedures that enable us to maintain and continually improve our information security management.



“BusinessOptix has enabled us to capture our process knowledge and create an environment where continuous improvement is ingrained in our work”

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