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Are you the total experience?

Gartner has flagged Total Experience (TX) as one of its top strategic technology trends for 2022.  You probably already realize that the days when a company could focus on its customers’ experience but ignore its employees are long gone. Beyond their personal experience of your employees' dissatisfaction, savvy customers have become more concerned about your company's values and treatment of its employees.  

In our Total Experience (TX) blog, we discuss how BusinessOptix enables organizations to identify opportunities for process improvement that can drive a more efficient, effective, and satisfying customer, employee, and supplier experience. To learn more, read our blog, “Are you the total package? Driving a better total experience for your customers and employees.”

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Customer experience in the metaverse

Do you think the metaverse is just another passing hyped-up fad, or do you believe it’s the next evolution of the internet?  If you’re a metaverse naysayer, consider this: a recent PwC survey said that 82% of executives expect metaverse plans to be part of their business activities within three years.  And some retail brands are already actively selling in the metaverse. 

Are you shaking your head or at a loss for what your company should be doing? BusinessOptix can help companies make the transition to the metaverse efficient and worthwhile for their business and a seamless and valuable consumer experience. To learn more, read our blog: "The customer’s avatar is always right: Managing your customer experience in the metaverse?” 

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What's new with the BusinessOptix Academy?

As we continue to enhance capabilities in our BusinessOptix platform, we are also regularly adding new courses to our Academy. The newest additions to the BusinessOptix Academy this month are course on Forms, Dashboards and Data sources.

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Latest product updates

In our latest release we've added new functionality to Author, improved import of text and Visio, enhanced workflow and corrected some bugs. To learn more about our recent product updates, check out our release guide here.

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