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November 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the November 2023 edition of the BusinessOptix newsletter!

Gain visibility of your operations with BusinessOptix as your Digital Twin (DTO)


Where are you on your journey with BusinessOptix? Is creating a Digital Twin of your business area or even your entire organization in your vision? Should it be a goal for 2024?

A digital twin can be seen as a software representation or mirror of the workings of your business. At BusinessOptix we know how powerful and dynamic adopting a digital twin strategy can be; our customers use it to understand, envisage and improve the effectiveness of their operations and customer experience.

Let’s look at few of the reasons why creating a data-driven digital twin is an advantageous business goal:

  1. A unified view of your company's operations

    Using BusinessOptix as a digital twin of your organization allows employees to see how different departments and activities are connected. Visibility of end-to-end operations brings understanding of how their own work impacts downstream operations and contributes to the company. A digital twin fosters better communication, collaboration, and alignment across teams.
    A digital twin is also a customer-centric approach. A full understanding of internal operations allows you to successfully align internal processes with customer needs and deliver an improved customer experience.
  1. Increased governance

    When you centralize all tasks and processes in a single digital platform you gain a complete overview that enables better management and control of operations. This in turn enables consistency and reduces costly inefficiencies and errors.
    The comprehensive view provided by your digital twin enables quicker and more effective responses to market changes or new regulations. It also assists in more easily identifying areas of non-compliance and potential risks, leading to corrective actions being taken earlier.
  1. Enabling successful change

    Strategic Transformation: The holistic view and understanding of operations gained with a digital twin provides a risk-free virtual environment in which to simulate and test change. This allows teams to analyze the potential impacts of strategic transformations before implementing them in the real world.

    Operational Optimization: Through regular monitoring and analyzing of data, digital twins provide insights into inefficiencies or bottlenecks within operations. As areas are identified as in need of improvement, data-driven decisions can be made to optimize processes and workflows.

    Continuous Improvement: Digital twins foster a culture of employee-led continuous improvement. The visibility of end-to-end operations and access to data-driven insights empowers them to proactively suggest and implement changes based on evidence, allowing them to contribute to ongoing enhancements successfully and more easily within the organization.

Coming back to the question ‘Is creating a digital twin in your vision?’ it certainly would be advantageous. Having access to a digital twin, with a comprehensive view of your organization's operations, processes, and systems, enables people to make data-driven better-informed choices and decisions. In turn, the organization becomes more agile and responsive to changing market conditions, and competitive in today's fast-paced business landscape.

Creating this living, breathing digital twin of your organization is a valued and attainable goal using BusinessOptix. If your team want to explore this more or need some guidance, drop us a message as we will be happy to help.

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In this paper, one of our clients, Elsevier, outline use cases and applications for a digital twin in industries including healthcare, retail, and utilities.

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