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Metro Bank Enhances Operational Efficiency and Opportunity Growth with BusinessOptix Process Transformation Suite



Founded in 2010, Metro Bank is an award-winning retail and commercial bank operating in the United Kingdom. At its launch, it was the country’s first new high street bank in over 150 years and today provides banking services to personal and business customers. With over 4,000 colleagues and over 2.5 million customers, the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Metro Bank sees itself as the people’s bank and each colleague is charged with creating FANS not just customers. Consequently, it has a strong focus on customer service, and makes sure everyone receives the same level of exceptional service.


Operating in a highly competitive market, Metro Bank was looking to optimize its business modeling capabilities and accelerate process improvements through colleague adoption of business and developer friendly processes and tooling. The company also wanted to fine-tune its business architecture to support revenue growth and increased profit margins without raising operational expenses. To achieve this, they embarked on an automation-focused initiative to achieve efficiency gains and unlock growth opportunities, whilst creating agile and scalable processes that better meet the needs of its FANS.


To address these objectives, Metro Bank partnered with BusinessOptix, a leading cloud-based enterprise business process intelligence solution specialist. BusinessOptix provided Metro Bank with a suite of transformation tools that allowed process owners to model their processes for more effective and colleague-friendly ways of working.

The goal was to standardize business process modeling and capture processes efficiently, thereby supporting process enhancement that would provide FANS with the best experience possible. Supported by an agile methodology that created process champions within the organization, BusinessOptix enabled process owners to create models of their processes, leading to enhanced and more colleague-friendly methods of operation.

The project timeline was challenging, with an ambitious goal of implementing the new tool within eight weeks. The implementation followed an agile methodology, which enabled regular progress tracking, daily huddles, and consistent steering group calls. The project exceeded initial targets, and BusinessOptix's Training Academy was particularly effective in ensuring colleague adoption from the start.

Results & Benefits

BusinessOptix enabled Metro Bank to migrate over 600 processes and onboard over 50 process champions. With over 4000 colleagues now having access to standardized processes, Metro Bank has established a solid foundation to accelerate continuous improvement.

The company can now identify automation opportunities that will drive tangible improvements in efficiency, costs, and customer experience. The BusinessOptix implementation has accelerated identification of automation opportunities, allowing the bank to maximize ROI on its technology investments.

“Metro Bank’s collaboration with BusinessOptix not only resulted in the successful implementation of process improvement tools but also aligned their processes with automation initiatives,” said Peter McInally, CEO of BusinessOptix.

“By focusing on process champions, user-friendly tools, and strategic partnerships, they now have a well-rounded approach to process adoption, helping them to achieve significant operational efficiencies and growth potential. Achieving these important outcomes in such a short project timeline underlines the capabilities of our solution and the focused approach delivered by both teams.”


Looking ahead, Metro Bank's roadmap includes embedding business and developer friendly BPMN standards, continuing to enhance process maturity, and strengthening data within the tool. The bank also aims to analyze process costs and task expenses, focusing on process mining and automation initiatives for improved operational efficiency.

Group 98

At Metro Bank we are committed to providing our FANS with the best experience possible, and automation is key to achieving this. To achieve our desired efficiency gains and unlock growth opportunities, we rely on the capabilities provided by BusinessOptix. These capabilities enable us to create agile and scalable processes that better meet the needs of our FANS.

Faisal Hussain, Chief Operating Officer
at Metro Bank

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