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Software overview

The BusinessOptix Platform 

Intelligence. Delivered.



BusinessOptix is a leading business process management and transformation suite that provides total operational visibility of how business processes, people and technology interact. Customers use our process discovery, modeling and simulation tools to identify the best improvement opportunities and deliver their digital transformation objectives without introducing undue risk.


How BusinessOptix Delivers:

Transformational Process Intelligence Capabilities & Performance

From process mining and modeling to simulation and rollout, see what the BusinessOptix platform can do to optimize and integrate your process intelligence:


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Process Mining

Gain unparalleled insight into the processes that drive your business. Discover where improvements can be made.

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Process Mapping and Modeling

Accelerate the transformation of your organizational processes with intuitive process mapping and modeling capabilities.

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Repository and Documentation

Effortlessly create and share documentation content and resources with your teams and process stakeholders from a centralized process repository.

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Target Operating Model Design

Define, visualize and optimize a broad range of operating processes, strategies, and workflows around your operating model.

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Scenario Modeling and Simulation

Create, test and learn about the impact of process changes before they are rolled out to your customers and employees.

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Transformation Planning and Analysis

Turn your digital transformation vision into reality by defining clear goals, setting milestones, and establishing realistic timelines.

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Backed by an Experienced and Talented Process Intelligence Team

The BusinessOptix platform is trusted by organizations around the world. Our experienced and talented team works alongside our customers to visualize and understand their most complex processes, identifying areas for improvement and growth so their processes deliver maximum impact.

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