Successfully Transforming & Improving Business Operations

by Asomi Ithia on 12-Jul-2017 08:03:00

In our latest white paper we look at an approach to successfully transforming and improving business operations.

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Topics: Transformation, Operational Performance

Ramboll Implement BusinessOptix

by Asomi Ithia on 07-Nov-2016 12:05:16

BusinessOptix, a leading provider of business modelling and process design tools, today announces that Ramboll, the international engineering and design consultancy, has implemented BusinessOptix as its strategic process modelling platform.

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Topics: Transformation, Business Process Analysis

NEW BusinessOptix Free Webinars

by Jack Rawles on 13-Oct-2016 14:32:07

BusinessOptix are pleased to announce that we will be hosting free webinar sessions where we will look at case studies and discuss recent topical trends. Please join us for our upcoming webinars. Each is designed to share trends, best practice and examples of successful change & transformation and business process improvement.

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Topics: Transformation, Big Change, Business Process Analysis

The benefits of using target operating models in your business

by Asomi Ithia on 25-Nov-2015 08:41:00

Advantages of using Target Operating Models to drive transformation

You’re helping to run a steadily expanding business that has a new and bigger vision for growth and transformation. As you assist with creating the plan for implementing and achieving this vision, you begin to recognise gaps in the businesses’ knowledge about its existing systems, processes and people.

You’re uncertain as to the best starting point for change. You also realise it would be beneficial to gather supporting evidence for the business process changes you feel are required.

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Topics: Transformation

Why is it So Important to Connect Strategy to Execution?

by Asomi Ithia on 23-Oct-2015 12:42:00

Connecting a company’s strategy to execution is vital to achieving the organisation’s change and transformation objectives.  Without creating a strong connection between the two, an organisation will never reach its full potential, and strategies will never lead to the expected outcomes.

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Topics: Transformation

How to use a T-map as part of your strategic planning process

by Asomi Ithia on 14-Oct-2015 10:20:00

You’ve made the decision: your organisation (or an area of your organisation) needs to transform. To ensure you’re not simply window dressing or swinging for the trees and hoping for the best, you need to decide on the best way to create and execute your transformation strategy. In other words, you need a strategic planning process that drives successful transformation by bringing together all the elements that will drive and support your initiative. One of the best ways to do this is by using a Transformation Map.

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Topics: Transformation

What is business transformation?

by Asomi Ithia on 06-Oct-2015 10:45:00

We’ve all seen the headlines: A company that has been at the forefront of its industry for years or even decades suddenly declares bankruptcy or starts plummeting towards certain closure. However, if it had recognised changes in its environment and sought business transformation, this turning of the tide may have been prevented.

According to a Harvard Business Review, business transformation is about “making fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a shift in market.”

So, do you need business transformation and what could it mean to you and your business?

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Topics: Transformation

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