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Accelerate the transformation of your organizational processes with our intuitive process mapping software.

Why choose BusinessOptix for business process mapping?

  • Gain insight by creating a digital model of your business to measure the impact of operational changes.
  • Benefit from an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed for business users.
  • Enhance compliance by linking GRC controls to operational processes to proactively mitigate risks and provide better transparency.
  • Optimize your operations by leveraging data-enriched process models to identify and manage automation and transformation opportunities.
  • Directly link execution to strategy by building out comprehensive target operating models that connect desktop level work instructions all the way to strategic goals.


Key Features of BusinessOptix


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Business Process Modeling. Your GPS for Transformation

Hundreds of businesses benefit from our vast business process analysis solution.

Our platform highlights organizational processes ripe for automation and streamlining by developing a 360-degree view of your operations. Using data captured from

  • Design sessions
  • Employee surveys
  • Observation
  • Process and task mining

Business process models can be enriched with meta-data that allow for fact-based simulation of multiple scenarios. This insight allows you to act decisively and more forward with pace and purpose..

Confidently armed with the knowledge of your path forward, you can prioritize and manage opportunities for automation and process improvement based on return on investment.


process mapping software

Business Process Mapping Software

Ready for Business

Our business process mapping software is designed for business users with no technical background required.

Assisted by our online and one-on-one training, your organization can get up to speed quickly and start visually depicting your end-to-end business processes in no time.

Our cloud-based solution allows stakeholders from across your ecosystem to collaborate on the same processes, creating a single version of the truth that helps you document and understand your current DNA.

There are multiple ways to create process maps in BusinessOptix. You can leverage our template library to create new models or start from scratch.

Other ways are through importing diagram design files, process mining and by using a survey form to discover a process by receiving survey responses from process stakeholders.

From simple diagrams to enriched process models and simulation, the BusinessOptix business process platform provides a wide range of tools to help you effectively and efficiently reach your goals.

Whether this means streamlining a few processes, better management of risk and compliance, or undertaking a large-scale business transformation, BusinessOptix is the catalyst for your continuous process improvement journey.