Business Process Outsourcing

BusinessOptix powers BPOs to deliver world class outcomes and differentiation through digital transformation.

With recent global disruptions, Business Process Outsourcing has become a strategic topic for organizations seeking to deliver exceptional customer experiences and improve operating models and process efficiencies. BusinessOptix helps Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) meet and exceed client expectations, monetize their expertise and intellectual property, manage risk, and improve their bottom line.

The BusinessOptix platform enables BPOs to use best practices and intellectual property to drive digital transformation through strategies that automate and streamline processes, reduce manual work, eliminate waste and drive up service quality across your business areas.

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Become a digital leader

Claiming leadership in digital transformation as a BPO provider requires an equally digital approach. Many BPO providers offer digital first propositions, yet the solutioning behind these propositions is oftentimes still very manual. If your digital transformation design is analog – you are sending the wrong message and constraining your ability to win.

Those who break through and embrace digital end-to-end – from client pursuit all the way through delivery – can build a competitive advantage and drive higher revenue and margin. Systemizing how you design programs will not only elevate you from the crowd, it also removes risk, and costs and improves the customer experience.

Manage risk

The BusinessOptix GRC module provides BPOs with the tools they need to proactively manage reputational, financial, and operational risk. All in an environment that links GRC with operations, supports collaboration between teams, and enables seamless remote working.

From regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, PCI DSS, SMCR, and CASS to internal policies, such as IT security, data protection, health & safety, and codes of practice, the BusinessOptix GRC module helps to identify governance, risk and compliance requirements; create, implement and maintain controls; linking controls to operational processes; manage breaches or incidents, and report to the executive and internal audit teams, and external regulators and 3rd parties.

Increase your win rate & operational resiliency

With years of experience working alongside some of the world’s leading BPOs and global operations, BusinessOptix can help you to better discover, analyze, design, deliver and continuously optimize on behalf of your clients. BusinessOptix increases win rates for BPOs by managing the design and execution of their digital transformation programs.


This approach has allowed our clients to win more business by allowing them to:

Engage more dynamically with prospects and clients

  • Use your best practices to understand, benchmark and improve operating models and processes
  • Identify opportunities to implement automation including RPA
  • Create custom solutions that meet each clients’ unique requirements
  • Transparently set-up and manage client projects from initiation through delivery and progress updates
  • Deliver client projects using agile and adaptive practices
  • Bring remote teams together to collaborate from anywhere in the world
  • Utilize our powerful simulation engine with ROI calculators to test multiple scenarios and make fact-based decisions around transformation

Confidently drive automation and transformation initiatives

Designing digital and automation will set you apart from your competitors by bringing more of your IP to bear more quickly and demonstrating that you are digital by design.
  • Capture, reuse and monetize your best practices
  • Drive down costs by reducing input time / resources for knowledge transfer and reuse of proven initiatives
  • Differentiate your service offering and delivery model – from set-up to delivery
  • Demonstrate your expertise and capabilities pre-sales
  • Free up critical resources to better engage with customers
  • Bring together remote teams to collaborate from anywhere in the world
  • Develop resilient operations that support you through all situations/times

Better manage and evidence risk and compliance measures

  • Collaborate with and capture audit trails to ensure the client has signed off on processes
  • Deliver work instructions to ensure front line workers are adhering to compliance measures
  • Provide digital risk registers tied to processes to constantly monitor the health of your operational measures
  • Easily provide documentation for audit purposes in a digital manner

One platform, many capabilities

We support the entire journey – from discovery to execution to governance – simply and intuitively. Our platform provides:

You can collaboratively improve your customer interactions, the way your employees work, and the results your business achieves. Download our case study with SS&C or find out more about how the BusinessOptix Platform can help you create an agile, resilient, and continuously adaptable organization.

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