Documentation & Operating Procedures

The production of work instructions and support documentation make it easy for people to engage with your new processes and provide information on how they should execute against them.

BusinessOptix makes it effortless to share content on your processes with your teams – whether front line employees who need work instructions, reviewers who need to see the work in progress, developers who need user stories or change managers who create support programs, you can easily provide them with the content they need to do their jobs.

Let BusinessOptix help you effortlessly share content on processes with your teams, no matter the location.

Get Everyone On The Same Page

Use our documentation and work instruction tools to:

  • Provide your frontline staff (customer service or operations teams) with access to work instructions to support the use of your processes. Delivered as PDFs or online work instructions, they can be delivered as whole documents or snippets of content at the point in the process that they are most needed.
  • Share high level and detailed process maps with stakeholders for their review and input in the online portal. Here they can annotate comments directly onto the process (no more sending documents via email and hoping that everyone has the latest version).
  • Write and share user stories to support development teams. Even link these stories to your JIRA account so developers can access them in a familiar environment.
  • Convert your processes into documentation that supports change managers fully understanding changes, so they can devise programs to support employees.

Work Instructions Software


For global and multi-national workforces, we help you establish operating procedures, policies and processes to create an audit trail and governance on all delivery models. This allows you to establish and document variations to meet local customer experience and compliance obligations, additionally, we can translate into as many languages as required within the same document, allowing you to enforce consistency across geographies.

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