Process Mapping and Modeling

Following an initial deep-dive using BusinesOptix mining and modeling capabilities, you can utilize process mapping to define your end-to-end processes and gain a detailed, data-driven understanding of how your organization currently works.

From this map, business, technical and change managers can identify issues and bottlenecks within current workflows. Once identified, you can design improvements that yield greater operational efficiency, a more effective customer experience and better management of risk, compliance and audit requirements.

Let BusinessOptix help you map your current and future states to continuously improve your processes.

Creating An Organizational Blueprint

Our process modeling capability allows you to create an organizational blueprint; helping you to document and understand your current DNA. Analyzing the complex interactions between people, process and technology helps you to plan and execute transformations that improve the performance and health of your business.

We incorporate industry-standard business process model notation (BPMN 2.0), master data, robust metrics and reporting to provide in-depth analysis, not just a visualization of your processes. With its strong collaboration and documentation capabilities, BusinessOptix empowers stakeholders from across your ecosystem to provide input and perspectives into current state definition and future state transformations, as well as improvement opportunities.

The process map is the catalyst for the continuous process improvement journey.

Our clients have leveraged these process mapping tools to help them deliver customer experience excellence, business process transparency, operational efficiency, governance & risk management, new product introduction and digital twin creation.

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