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BusinessOptix launches innovation governance, risk & compliance module

Kansas City, MO/Guildford, Surrey – 27th January 2021, BUSINESSOPTIX, the provider of a cloud-based Business Transformation Suite, today announces the launch of its new Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) module.

Meeting the needs of executives, risk & compliance and operational teams, the module enables organizations to proactively manage reputational, financial, and operational risk. At a time when organizations must manage internal policies and external regulations, BusinessOptix GRC module helps to:

  • Identify governance, risk and compliance requirements
  • Create, implement and maintain controls
  • Linking controls to operational processes
  • Manage breaches or incidents
  • Report to executive and internal audit teams, external regulators and 3rd parties

“Uniquely our module enables GRC teams to capture requirements, set-up and distribute controls and policies. Operations teams to understand and embed controls into operational processes. Executives to see the full picture of risk, controls and performance”, said Peter McInally, CEO, BusinessOptix. Starting from a risk or process perspective, BusinessOptix GRC module supports two approaches:

  1. A risk view that flows from the creation of a risk register through to creating controls and embedding them in the design and optimization of processes.
  2. A process view that starts with the creation of processes, followed by embedding controls into their core.

From regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, PCI DSS, SMCR and CASS to internal policies, such as IT security, data protection, health & safety and codes of practice, BusinessOptix GRC module meets organizations end-to-end governance, risk and compliance needs.


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