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Welcome to the May 2023 edition of the BusinessOptix Newsletter.

Unleashing the power of simulation

You and your colleagues have used the BusinessOptix platform to capture and document your processes, data, and other models and metrics. Through your work in the BusinessOptix platform, you have laid the foundation for organizational excellence, enhancing transparency, and fostering collaboration across your entire ecosystem.

Now, it is time to take your journey with BusinessOptix to the next level. By exploring other features to improve decision-making and with better choices, steer your business toward more successful transformations.

Imagine the ability to explore "what if" scenarios, predict outcomes, and optimize your processes before implementing any changes. BusinessOptix simulation tools help you to do just that. Our sophisticated simulation capabilities can revolutionize the way you analyze and improve your business operations, providing you with invaluable insights to make impactful decisions with confidence.

And then, after you have successfully deployed lasting change, our simulation capabilities continue to deliver value because they assure continuous improvement. Your BusinessOptix platform will be your organization's digital twin, an enduring asset you can use repeatedly to evolve and maintain your competitive advantage as markets and needs change.

About Simulation

What's Trending

Following Gartner’s recognition of BusinessOptix as a visionary in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Tools, we have seen an expansion of interest in the wider features of our platform by existing and new customers to help deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness. And more conversations about reducing costs through better-governed and optimized processes.


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Academy Updates

Take your expertise in BusinessOptix to the next level by taking our Power User Certification Program. Since we launched our updated Power User Certification program in the BusinessOptix Academy last month, we have had more than 50 kick off their certification journey, and many of the newly qualified sharing their certificates on LinkedIn.

Congratulations to our new Power Users!

 Check out the Certification Program in the BusinessOptix Academy.

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