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From helping healthcare organizations deliver more to a changing profile of global patient to helping pharmaceutical organizations optimize their investments in Research & Development. BusinessOptix is experienced helping global healthcare and pharmaceutical firms tackle the many pressures they face from customers, regulators and governments.

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Creating world class processes

As a fast growth pharmaceutical company, this organization’s processes had lost alignment with the business, plus due to the pace of growth, lots of duplicated and disconnected processes had been created, often making them difficult to sort, find and reuse.

Rather than lean towards the negatives of this situation, the organization saw this as an opportunity to make transformative changes that would lead to millions of dollars of savings through aligning investments to areas where it is valuable to do so. In doing so they would also focus on improved the creation and management of the processes required to operate existing and new business units.

From this starting point the business wanted to build a world class process capability that focused on delivering value in line with the business goals. Starting with a small team, a Proof Of Concept (POC) was used to upload their capability model and a priority list of core processes, capture best practices, and implement and test collaborative ways of working and approval processes. Through the POC they were able to set the foundations for their wider initiative, prove the platform capabilities met their needs and kick-off rollout to the wider team in multiple countries. During the POC work also started defining things such as roles & responsibilities and standards for modeling.

With the POC complete, we have now rolled out to 100s of process designers around the world and is now being used to deliver capability modeling and process design and re-design in existing and new business areas. Part of this work has included rationalizing the existing toolset, so BusinessOptix is the primary tool across the organization. Its early days and the business is firmly on its way to achieving its objectives.

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