Research and Education

Focus on your mission of innovation, maintaining and growing funding, managing and evidence risk and compliance requirement.

BusinessOptix has helped research and education institutions achieve operational efficiencies across processes such as annual course set-up and management, managing the sourcing and usage of grants and sponsorships and providing standardization and governance to employee facing processes.

With BusinessOptix you have a 360 degree view of the DNA – your people, process and technology – of a department, project or the entire organization giving you the ability to:

  • Use data-driven approaches to discover current state processes through our process mining and mapping
  • Document a variety of metrics such as cost structures, ROI models, organization and RACI alignment, risk and compliance factors and more.
  • Beyond just the ability to show the transformation of processes, you can manage the accountability of achieving your goals through T-maps and Kanban boards
  • Use documentation and guided work instructions to ensure adherence to the new policies and procedures

Research Institute Transformation Journey

See how a large research institute used BusinessOptix as the back-drop to create their own Business Transformation Office (BTO) to drive improvements across its business technology and operations.

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